Patient Success Stories

“Insomnia and night sweats are a thing of the past! I experienced instant Menopause from a hysterectomy, with hot flashes, weight gain and trouble sleeping. Looking for a natural solution, I found Dr. Miller and he helped me feel like my old self again.”*

-Adriana G., 44, Berlin NJ

        “My wife started bioidentical hormone replacement therapy in 2012 and had amazing results. She began to encourage me to try it! I must admit that I was skeptical at first. Dr. Miller, as a male, helped me to overcome my worries. My wife and I now laugh at my reservations because it was the best decision that I could have made. Instead of spending our evenings watching television, we enjoyed them by a romantic fire discovering ourselves in ways we never dreamed possible.”*

-Andy N., 57, Cherry Hill, NJ

“I have been using Virapel for almost 4 years and can say that it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Before using Virapel, I was always tired, and had definitely lost my zest for life. By using Virapel, my thinking has become clearer, I have more energy, and when I work out have noticed that I am building more muscle tone than when I was not using Virapel. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to feel good again!!”*

-Suzanne C., 52, Marlton, NJ

 “I had feelings of anxiety, no libido and couldn’t sleep. Within weeks of my first bioidentical hormone replacement treatments, I am a new woman—I feel great. My energy returned like when I was 30. It’s as if someone flipped a switch. I don’t need afternoon naps anymore and my desire for sex has increased. I feel like my body is in “better balance.”*

-Donna S., 64, Southhampton, NJ

“Prior to hormone replacement therapy, I lost my laughter. I began to feel anxious and depressed too. Although I worked out regularly, I could not lose those extra pounds and my workouts seemed ineffective. Most importantly, I felt my husband and I were growing apart. My sexual interest waned, which put pressure on our already strained relationship. After complaining to a friend, she recommended bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. I made an appointment right away and never regretted it! After just two weeks, my body started to come alive again. My energy level increased and my anxiety decreased. I got my old body back without dieting. My coworkers noticed that I changed. I was happy! My husband and I feel like we are living in a fairytale; we are like newlyweds again!”*

-Rose Anne N., 58, Cherry Hill, NJ



- Marybeth Q., 52, Marlton, NJ*

“Going to see Dr. Miller is one of the best things I’ve done for myself in a long time. Ever since I started doing the treatment I feel like a new person. I am happier, I sleep well at night, my skin feels moist and young, and no dryness ever, I feel like a woman again. Just a great overall feeling inside me I can’t explain. Everyone is so nice at the office; it makes the process very easy! Thank you, Dr. Miller Joan and Cheryl,”*

-Noemi O.

 “At the age of 65, I have discovered more energy (getting better sleep) which enables me to do more without the fatigue associated with aging.  My skin, my general outlook on life have been greatly enhanced as a result ofbeingonVirapel program!   No more brain fog.  And I need not forget about my sex life!  Best it has been ever!  I call it “my fountain of youth”!!!!!”*

-Lynn B., 65, Marlton, NJ




“Without changing my lifestyle, I dropped 32 pounds, trimmed my mid-section, and strengthened my shoulders. Dr. Miller is exceptional.  He makes you feel comfortable and really listens. He effectively explained what I needed to know—and did so with a great sense of humor.”*

-Joe M., 47, Washington Township, NJ

 “After just two treatments my quality of life has improved dramatically. I am energetic and sleeping better. My joint pain has disappeared, I’ve lost weight, and even my adult acne has subsided.”*

-Heidi G., 44, West Deptford, NJ

-Anthony G., 55, North Wales, PA*

 “I started taking theVirapel pellets about 5 years ago and it changed my life.  At 59, I resigned myself to thinking that I would never enjoy intercourse with my husband ever again.  It was too painful and was causing our relationship to suffer.  After taking the pellets and within a month, I felt like a teenager again!  I even remember crying because I never totally knew how relaxed I could be about sex, because I was so on guard before.   It has been wonderful for my husband and me.  He funds my visits without any hesitation!  ha!  Little did I know there would be a host of other side benefits including clarity of thinking, much more energy and a totally new lease on life!  Dr. Miller’s friendly and communicative style adds immensely to the doctor-patient relationship and provides me with a knowledgeable and sensitive approach. Virapel has been wonderful!”*

-Bev W., 63, Medford NJ

"Dr. Miller and Virapel have literally changed my life, it is amazing! I feel like a teenaager and I am 60 years old! Dr. Miller listens to you and adjusts the Virapel to your lifestyle and your life. My husband and I feel like we are in our teens again. We have lost weight, lots of it. Me 21 pounds and my husband 16, and we weigh less now than when we married over 40 years ago. We even think young. When we exercise we both feel energized and we feel as if our brain power is of a younger person. Our personal romantic life is amazing. I would recommend to anyone to avail yourself of Dr. Miller's services. Why wait? Why not change your life? From Day One, I have nevever looked back and never been happier. Many thanks."*

-Barbara K., 60, Mt. Laurel NJ


-Dan N., 50, Yardley, PA, ‘Greetings from Nepal!’*

“After years of insomnia and low energy, I feel like I’m in my 20s again. I feel refreshed, and my sex drive is great.”*

-Beth P., 47, Sewell, NJ



*Individual results may vary   

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